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Learning more about Forklift Certification Requirements may help you avoid accidents and may one day save your life!

A forklift is a powerful tool that allows one person to precisely lift, move and place large heavy loads with little effort. Using a tool such as a forklift, cart or hand truck instead of lifting and carrying items by hand can reduce the risk of suffering a back injury.  However, there is great risk of injury or death
when a forklift operator:
ƒ Has not been trained in the principles
of physics that allows a forklift to lift
heavy loads.
ƒ Is not familiar with the Forklift Certification Requirements
ƒ Operates the forklift carelessly, unsafely
or without knowing the hazards
ƒ Uses a forklift that is not safe due
to malfunctioning, missing parts or
unapproved alterations.
Approximately 35,000 serious injuries and Approximately 35,000 serious injuries and 62,000 non-serious injuries involving forklifts occur in the United States every year. OSHA estimates 11% of all forklifts are involved in accidents every year.  Many of these accidents could have been avoided if drivers had been familiarized with the Forklift Certification Requirements

Driving a forklift requires specialized training.  You would never get into an automobile without knowing how to drive it.

Forklift Certification Requirements

There are many aspects of learning to drive a forklift.  Some of them include:

Learning the operating instruction.
Understanding the differences between forklifts and the precautions you need to take to drive each of them.
Learning about the controls and instrumentation.
How to steer and maneuver.
Forklift capacity and stability
Refueling and charging
Surface conditions
Load and stability issues

These are some of the Forklift Certification Requirements you will learn as a new or experienced driver in our “hands on” forklift training classes in NY.  For more information visit our website at: